Helmut Kuëss | Bregenz | 16.4.2014 10:00

Interview: Wolfgang Fiel | Camera and audio: Gerhard Klocker | Duration: 45 min | HD | Language: De / En (Exhibition Version)

Helmut Kuëss

Born in 1952 in Vorarlberg. After studying architecture in Innsbruck (1972–78), he put his training into practice with Gerhard Hörburger’s architectural firm in Vorarlberg. A member of Gruppe 16, Vorarlberger Baukünstler, up until 2001, he joined the Federal Chamber of Architects and Chartered Engineering Consultants in 2002. In addition to architecture, he is also heavily involved in issues relating to spatial planning and urban development at community, municipal, and regional levels. Larger commissions are handled by a variety of project-based syndicates. Since 2014, he has operated in partnership with Manfred Koller.

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