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Taking his cue from the title Getting Things Done, which reflects Vorarlberg's architectural modus operandi, curator Wolfgang Fiel also made public the process that goes into creating an exhibition.

The sensitive approach to Vorarlberg's architectural phenomenon, including all the actors involved, is tracked by the first edition of the magazine Exhibition in the Making. Interviews with key figures from the architecture scene, such as Renate Preuß, Christian Schützinger, Verena Konrad, and Robert Fabach, shed light on the evolution of Vorarlberg's building culture. The magazine provides an insight into the conceptual approaches and the first prototypes that were produced for Getting Things Done. Large-format images give a palpable atmospheric impression of Vorarlberg.

Get 01: Exhibition in the Making

Edited by Wolfgang Fiel
42 x 30 cm, 96 pages, German and English
Birkhäuser (formerly Ambra V)
ISBN 978-3-99043-652-3
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