Project idea

Ambassador Martin Eichtinger
Austrian Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

A Cooperation between the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs and the State of Vorarlberg

Minister Christian Brunmayr
Deputy Chief of Mission, Austrian Embassy Washington, DC/USA

Counselor Susanne Ranetzky
Director Austrian Cultural Forum, Zagreb/Croatia

Winfried Nußbaummüller
Director of the Department of Culture, Office of the Vorarlberg State Government

Curator and project leader

Wolfgang Fiel

Project partners

Renate Breuß
Former Director of the Werkraum Bregenzerwald

Andreas Rudigier
Director Vorarlberg Museum

Christian Schützinger
Managing Director of Vorarlberg Tourismus

Curatorial research and interviews

Wolfgang Fiel and Denizhan Sezer

Video and audio recording, set photography and photo essay

Gerhard Klocker

Concept and design development of exhibition display

Martin Bereuter and Wolfgang Fiel

Visual design of exhibition and magazines

Clemens Theobert Schedler
Büro für konkrete Gestaltung

Project communication and drawings

Thomas Hindelang

Additional architectural photography

Lucas Breuer

Manufacturing of exhibition display

Tischlerei Bereuter, Lingenau

Production of image panels

Typico GmbH & Co KG

Programming digital guestbook

Martin Wolfgang Chiettini


szenario with Renate Burger (Text) and Johannes Puch (Photography for featured stories: magazines, postcards)

Translation and copy-editing / English text

Greg Bond and Simon Cowper

Copy-editing / German text

Claudia Mazanek

Pre-press production

Boris Bonev

Backoffice at the Office of the Vorarlberg State Government

Elisabeth Mahmoud

Institutional resources and support

Az W, Architekturzentrum Wien, Sammlung
vai, Vorarlberg Architecture Institute
Vorarlberg State Library

Special thanks to

Kuno Bachstein
Martin Beck
Adolf Bereuter
Ernst Brunbauer
Ute Denkenberger
Thomas Feurstein
Melanie Graber
Bruno Klomfar
Wolfgang Lässer
David Marold
Harry Metzler
Iris Ranzinger
Margherita Spiluttini
Gerhard Stübe
Lisa Ugrinovich
Yasar Yenilmez

The Travelling Exhibition is a designated part of the permanent collection of vorarlberg museum.