Bernardo Bader

Hittisau, 10.2.2014, 14:00

Interview: Wolfgang Fiel
Camera and audio: Gerhard Klocker
Production: Denizhan Fiel
Watch: German (58 min, HD) | English (6 min, Voiceover)

Bernado Bader

Born in 1974 in Lingenau, Vorarlberg. Having studied architecture at the University of Innsbruck, from which he graduated with honours in 2001, he set up his architecture practice in Dornbirn in 2003. His work reflects the region's commitment to architecture and the characteristic relationship between interior spaces and the qualities of the immediate environment – every project represents a unified merging of nature and culture. With a combination of refinement and clarity, Bader's work pays full attention to all the details, which are then skilfully handcrafted to achieve perfection.