Elmar Ludescher / Philip Lutz

Bregenz, 10.2.2014, 10:00

Interview: Wolfgang Fiel
Camera and audio: Gerhard Klocker
Production: Denizhan Fiel
Watch: German (45 min, HD) | English (4 min, Voiceover)

Elmar Ludescher

Born in 1969 in Bregenz, Vorarlberg. Born into a family of master carpenters, he had his first experience of building working for his parents' timber-construction company. He gained a degree in architecture from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna under Professor Gustav Peichl. He started gathering professional experience as an architect in the offices of the Baumschlager Eberle Group and with set designer Professor Hans Schavernoch. In 1998, he opened his own office and has worked together with Philip Lutz on a range of projects since 2007. Ludescher is a licensed, state-registered civil engineer, a member of the Vorarlberg Architecture Institute and the Central Association of Austrian Architects.

Philip Lutz

Lutz is a Bregenz-based architect who has worked together with Elmar Ludescher on a range of projects since 2007.