Johannes Kaufmann

Reuthe, 16.5.2014, 9:00

Interview: Wolfgang Fiel
Camera and audio: Gerhard Klocker
Production: Denizhan Fiel
Watch: German (44 min, HD) | English (5 min, Voiceover)

Born in 1967 in Bezau, Vorarlberg. Did an apprenticeship as a carpenter in his parents' firm from 1984 to 1987. After that, he worked in the offices of Hermann Kaufmann and with Ernst Hiesmayr in Vienna. He set up his own office in Dornbirn in 1993. From 1996 to 2000, he shared a practice with Oskar Leo Kaufmann (Kaufmann 96 Architektur). In 1996–97, he gained certification as a master carpenter and builder. Since 2001, he has worked in partnership with Riepl/Riepl Linz and Hermann Kaufmann. In 2007, he set up an office in Vienna.