As architectural culture is also carried by knowledge and expertise that derives from immediate action and practical experience, we have taken this exhibition as an opportunity to explore the history of the actors who have, in many different ways, contributed and still contribute to architectural developments in Vorarlberg. This is why we have initiated a collection of film interviews, with a total of seventy films by the end of 2014, which, with only few exceptions, were all made in the private houses and apartments of the interviewees. In addition, photo series made at these locations very eloquently reflect the vivid diversity of these source materials for contemporary history.

Jakob Albrecht

Bernardo Bader

Carlo Baumschlager / Jesco Hutter
Architect and professor of architecture and urban planning at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich

Georg Bechter

Arno Bereiter

Martin Bereuter
Architect and carpenter

Renate Breuß
Managing director of the Werkraum Bregenzerwald

Andreas Cukrowicz

Helmut Dietrich / Much Untertrifaller

Markus Dorner / Christian Matt

Hugo Dworzak
Architect and head of the Institute of Architecture and Planning at the University of Liechtenstein

Dietmar Eberle
Architect, professor of architecture and design and head of the Wohnforum at the ETH Zurich

Robert Fabach
Architecture critic, architect, and head of the aav – Architecture Archive Vorarlberg

Walter Fink
Former editor-in-chief of ORF Vorarlberg´s arts programmes

Reinhard Gassner
Graphic designer

Roland Gnaiger
Architect, professor and head of the architecture department at the University of Arts and Industrial Design, Linz

Hans Joachim Gögl
Freelance curator and communications consultant

Markus Gohm / Ulf Hiessberger

Marina Hämmerle
Architect and former director of the vai – Vorarlberg Architecture Institute

Mark Hoffenscher

Hans Hohenfellner

Walter K. Holzmüller

Markus Innauer / Sven Matt

Wolfgang Juen

Otto Kapfinger
Architecture researcher

Hermann Kaufmann
Architect and professor at the Institute for Architectural Design and Building Technology at the Technische Universität München

Leopold Kaufmann

Johannes Kaufmann

Anton Kaufmann
Majority owner of Kaufmann Bausysteme and President of the Werkraum Bregenzerwald

Oskar Leo Kaufmann

Edelbert Köb
Freelance curator, founding director and manager of the Kunsthaus Bregenz from 2000–2010, former director of the Museum of Modern Art in Vienna

Verena Konrad
Director of the vai – Vorarlberg Architecture Institute

Helmut Kuëss
Architect and urbanist

Franziska Leeb
Architecture critic and journalist

Elmar Ludescher / Philip Lutz

Stefan Marte / Bernhard Marte

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